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Mark Roberts

Born and raised in Sittard-Geleen in 1975, Mark Roberts decided to start spinning in early 2011. Loving the synthesizer sound by Jean Michelle Jarre he began developing great sympathy for electronic and melodic music during the eighties. From the early nineties he is to be recognized as an early adopter of the so called roots of trance music like “Age of Love” by Jam & Spoon and Humate’s “Love Stimulation”. For a long time this sympathy was only exposed by listening.

Mark especially adored the mix of vocal pop music with progessive elements combined with the influence of film and classical music. Inspired by one of his close friends JUR, he decided to give it a try and transform his emotional connection with the music into dj mixing. And with success! His mixes are well listened to on Mixcloud nowadays.

From August 2012 you can hear his show called Trance On Air on Home Sessions Radio containing the latest in trance and progressive. If you are new to his sets, expect emotional and energetic sounds. Close your eyes, turn up the volume and let the music guide you! Enjoy!

Join him every 2nd Friday of the month between 21:00 and 22:00 hrs (CET)

Mark Roberts,