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Paul Jay

Born in the East End of London back in, well that’s not important! I have lived in the Netherlands for a great number of years but my Dutch is still worse than your Swahili!

I commenced broadcasting as a volunteer with the Canadian Forces Network in August of 1980 spreading the music to the south of the Netherlands and parts of Germany. For the first ten years I played music from new and unknown artists, in fact anything that was different, still my first choice in music. In 1990 I took a short, but enforced, sabbatical until I was asked to return to the station, where I filled in when needed on the afternoon ‘drive home’ programme. Eventually I got my own slot again and I decided I would fill it with oldies. That continued until 2004 when I was told that my slot was to be taken over by the syndicated Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 but not to worry, I could have any other slot between midnight and 5am any night of the week! Thanks but no thanks! As I closed the door to the studio for the final time nobody said goodbye, nobody said thank you and certainly nobody asked me to switch off the lights! So I didn’t!

Within days I turned up on Falcon’s doorstep to sell myself. I started broadcasting for the station in November of 2004 virtually continuing what I broke off at CFN – oldies. By the latter part of 2013 I realised that I was missing a lot of present day music and thus I cancelled my own ‘must be five years old or older’ parameter and broadened the selection that I played – classical to blues, reggae to rockabilly! And that’s the way it remains.

So, party time in August 2020!”

Paul Jay,

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